Pokémon Puzzle League (2000 Video Game)
Great Puzzle Revamp
1 June 2006
Pokemon Puzzle League is really just a revamped version of Tetris Attack with a Pokemon theme. The game is challenging and is about raising multicolored blocks. To clear the blocks you must align 3 of the game colors, needless to say, the more blocks you clear, the bigger the bonus. The game has a 2 player mode with garbage. When my sister and I play 2 player versus, our games last for over 6 minutes. It's an intense game that has been played by my 8 year old sister to my 50 year old Mom. The Pokemon theme takes characters from Pokemon Blue/Red/Green/Yellow as well from the animated series. There's also some voice work, mainly taunts when clearing lines. The voices are provided by the same people from the cartoon series. 9/10
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