Unexpected entertainment
15 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
When I saw this movie, I thought it would be a regular Indian movie, one which you can tell before what will happen. But I was wrong, because KOI AAP SA was a movie with one very unexpected twist. When Simran (Natashaa) is getting engaged, I thought she would realise she was in love with Rohan (Aftaab) etc etc etc. But she was not, she was happy with her fiancée. Aftaab and especially Natashaa did their job quite well, the storyline was terrific and the (few) jokes where (one of the few times in Hindi movies) good. Like the one where the art-teacher thought Rohan was the model. But I like most the scene where Rohan was dating with Preeti the first time. In that scene Preeti tell Rohan what she likes much about him, but all those things what she likes is because of Simran. Without her he would not be able to woo her. All with all the movie is very good, but sometimes is was a bit unrealistic. Like when Ranjeet died in the accident and the very stubborn dad of Simran. He want to be an Anitabh Bachan like in Mohabbattein, but because the director did not pay enough attention to his character he was no character but a type. But those things do not spoil the movie, every Hindi movie is always by origin unrealistic, the one more than the other. But the thing is, you just sit and turn your brains off, and just watch the movie. Entertainment is to entertain, not to think about is, is it not...?
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