A very artistic short. And then some.
16 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
"La Déraison du Louvre," shown as a video installation at the London gallery/restaurant Sketch, is a strange short movie in which a young woman tours the titular gallery late at night, and takes in a variety of their exhibits (including the Mona Lisa). The title translates as "The Madness of the Louvre," and the paintings and statues do have an effect on the young woman...

Projected on twelve screens, half of them present the young woman touring the gallery, with no dialogue but plenty of disorienting sound effects and photography as the visitor all but steps inside the exhibits, so overcome is she by the artistic riches in the Louvre. Art by name and art by nature, it's all about the visuals - and with one of the world's most famous galleries and one of the world's most beautiful women as your "guide" (the visitor is played by Laetitia Casta, who's quite a work of art herself - and the reason I sought this out, since I take any opportunity I can to see Laetitia Casta on screen in the UK), it's a pleasure on that front, even though it's very much up to you to decide what the point is. (Other than a plug for the Louvre, that is.)

The other half of the screens take over for the second half, which entirely focus on Laetitia bobbing underwater in a bathtub in slow motion (unlike the first half of the short, the screens never show the exact same image at the same time). Presumably the intent is to show how the visitor has gone from admiring the art to becoming an exhibit herself, but your guess is as good as mine.
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