Zero In DVD, finally
3 March 2007
What a pleasure to be able to see "Apartment Zero" remastered in its original full length form. Adrian - an unrepeatable Colin Firth - takes us through his narrow path of old movies, movie stars and secret dreams into a frightening - truly frightening - landscape of desolation. The weird part is that it's such fun to go through it. I've seen the film a few times but last night I noticed for the first time that Adrian goes through his life only aware of what he fears and that movies, naturally, are his only way to feel free. It's only after the arrival of Jack - a superb Hart Bochner and where the hell is he? - that Adrian notices the thickness of his loneliness, of his isolation. He clings on to his lodger like a nagging wife, trying desperately not to scare him away but Adrian is not used to deal with people. He expects Jack to behave like the pictures on his wall. They will be exactly where he put them for ever and ever. Within his sickness Adrian is an innocent and I bet that Jack never met anyone like him. They could, in a way, become the perfect odd couple if it wasn't for the devil's determination to get what's his. A truly different, fascinating movie.
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