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Blow (2001)
Above average...
4 March 2007
Not a bad movie, above average, but nothing extraordinary, nothing that could even remotely be compared with for example, Scarface.

In my opinion the main 'problem' with this motion picture is that Depp is never really believable as a hardened drug dealer, there is no way that the real George Jung was ever even remotely like that. The proof of this is in the last frame of the movie where we see the real George's face staring at us from the screen. At that precise moment we know: the real George Jung was very, very different, his face tells us that.

On the other hand, Paul Reubens is excellent as Derek Foreal and the very good soundtrack is also worthy of mention. All in all, a good movie definitely worth watching, but also a movie that could have been much much better.
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