Pride and Prejudice (1980– )
Hands down the best dramatization of this exquisite story
14 May 2007
This dramatization is by far the best I've seen to date. The dialogue is always faithful to the book -- if not a direct quote, it is at least in keeping with the spirit of Austen's story. The characters always act consistent with the characters that Austen developed. The 1995 version, which is touted as the most faithful rendition, is so bad that I could not watch the whole thing (though I kept trying to come back to it, so I've seen bits and pieces throughout the story). The parts I saw showed the characters as flat and two-dimensional, for example, I felt that Jennifer Ehle based her entire performance on Lizzie's statement that she loves to laugh. She simpers and giggles throughout. In addition to the flatness of the characterizations, the characters actions are not consistent with the characters Austen wrote. Can anyone who has read the novel actually comprehend Darcy throwing himself into the lake at Pemberly? Or walking into his home with his shirt plastered to his chest? It just would not have happened. In this version, all the characters are beautifully portrayed. Mrs. Bennet is silly, but not shrewish, Lady Catherine is dignified and arrogant, but not mean, Mr. Collins is pompous, conceited and silly, but not nasty, Lizzie loves to laugh but is intelligent and sensible, just as written by Jane Austen. If you love the book, if you want to see Austen's characters brought to life and not see a single false note, this is the version to watch.
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