Premise makes no sense
21 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
  • Pensions don't have beneficiaries. They have survivors. If Larry has orphans, the orphans benefits get paid to the legal guardian, designated by outside legal agreement. - If he had a 403 plan, with no beneficiary, it goes to his estate. See will comment above. The beneficiary is just a way to keep out of probate. - Why not go through the ceremony, trigger the change clause, change the beneficiary, and break up with no one the wiser? - Fraud implies theft of something valuable. The legal cases cited were for people bringing someone into the benefit program that lacked benefits. Both men were already in the program. Possibly if one had died and the other tried to collect spousal benefits, then you might have fraud. - What kind of benefits case has a public hearing?

Lame premise, lame movie. My mistake was accidentally seeing the Wedding Singer years ago and always assuming somehow, someway Adam Sandler will get back to that level. Instead he disappoints in movie after movie. I thought Kevin James might be able to keep him focused. Apparently the only person that can rein in Sandler's worst impulses and actually make a good movie is Drew Barrymore.

My local paper gave it a D and I ignored it. My bad.
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