Review of The Lakes

The Lakes (1997–1999)
One of the best British shows
22 December 2008
I remember watching "The Lakes" with greatest thrill and anticipation. It was one of the few high quality shows to see on TV at the time I saw it (2001). The cast consisted of pretty much unknown actors to me, but I was thoroughly impressed by them all. Especially John Simm and Robert Pugh, who plays a very interesting part of a priest with an inner conflict.

Also the lovely Kaye Wragg was noteworthy, not only because she was the only "fox" in the show but also because of her performance and interesting character, that of a local wild girl who changes as the show progresses. The central character Danny Kavanagh (Simm) also goes through great transformation, affected both by the tragedy that he witnesses and his relationship with the girl whose name I forgot. He transforms from a wild, fun-loving delinquent to a serious adult.

This series is a real treat for those who love drama and intrigue. There is a portion of bloody murder and sex also thrown in. But what captivates the most is the fascinating character study. There are no two-dimensional characters. We see the good sides and the bad sides in them all. And the performances are really strong, as I said. There is so much to enjoy in, if you know how to appreciate it.
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