Cold Case: Stand Up and Holler (2007)
Season 4, Episode 20
Cheer leaders
5 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
An anonymous note at a high school message board, where the young student Rainey Karlsen had died under strange circumstances ten years ago, bring the Cold Case team into action. In flashbacks the dead girl and her best friend Celeste are seen as the show starts eager to try out for the opportunity to be cheer leaders for the football squad. The two girls must pass the approval of Becca, one of the most popular girls in the school. When both are accepted, they are elated.

Rainey, an intelligent girl, is not exactly the type one would expect to go after a position such as the one she has tried. Becca, who shows an incredible cruelty, tries to humiliate Celeste because she was fat once. To make matters worse, one day the two girls are victims of a hazing prank in the locker room. Becca announces that part of their initiation must involve a kiss between the two new members. Rainey is shocked, but Celeste goes along with the petition. Immediately, a bunch of the players and the coach erupt into the room. Rainey runs away.

Things deteriorate when Rainey realizes that Joe, the weird guy that sits behind her, is an intelligent boy who by being different is not considered cool. As Rainey and Joe begin to enjoy their newly found friendship, tragedy strikes because Rainey is found dead on the football field. The investigation focuses in the way Rainey drank the Liquid X drug that killed her. A surprise when the circumstances that lead to that ending is revealed.

Another good episode of this highly enjoyable series. This segment was directed by John Peters and written by Kate Purdy. The message is that peer pressure can kill, as demonstrated by what Rainey had to endure when she showed she was not up to following orders from the misguided Becca who wanted to eliminate anyone considered competition.

Sweet Whitney Able gives life to Rainey convincingly. The gorgeous Anna Lynn McCord and Lauren Woodland are seen as the cruel Becca in the school years and the grown up woman. Jonathon Trent has some good moments as Joe. The cast of the show do their best under the guidance of Mr. Peters.
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