Obsessed (2009)
Obsessed With The Bad Acting
28 June 2010
I have just watched this film on Sky. It kept showing and I kept reading the synopsis and thinking that looks like it could be good but it was Beyonce Knowles that put me off watching it. Well one afternoon there it was - on and i thought well i will give this a go. Oh god, i was right about Beyonce Knowles. Why does anyone think she can act or give her 'serious' roles? Her acting was bad. Worse than bad. She reminded me of a stand up comic making fun of over acting Hollywood actors, with exaggerated acting and delivery of lines. A bit like Eli Roth if you have ever seen him in any of his movies. Why do these actors always think they are John Wayne or something and try to win awards for being the most hammiest actor? They make William Shatner look like Clark Gable or something. Anyway back to the movie. Beyonce Knowles was dire. The leading male wasn't too bad, i think he may have stepped his acting down to try and match Beyonce and the stalker female, who i have only known as Clear Rivers in Final Destination, can do better than she did too but she wasn't too bad actually in parts, in fact she probably was the best of a bad bunch. The story itself was good as were the scenes and situations portrayed, it kept you watching as the acting was a sure certain turn off in places. If the acting had been top notch the film would have been so much better, but as the acting was, it was like a low budget straight to DVD film that you would watch on some random Sky channel at 2.30pm on a Tuesday afternoon. Oh and the fight at the end between the girls you will love it, its classic.. 'come here bitch' and 'i thought i told you to stay away from my house' just cracking lines when and the way they are delivered, really they are! A tip - if you are expecting something like Fatal Attraction, do not even go there, why this film gets mentioned in the same breath as such a wonderful classic I will never know. Have fun!
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