The Hole (2001)
.. everything else is just wallpaper
17 August 2010
So rarely do we see a great British horror, thriller film. This one is just the best I have ever seen and I have watched a few, most recently 'Tormented'. The Hole is way better than that and then some. Thora Birch is just outstanding. She needed to be as she is the main character and she carries the film and she is just fantastic. We also see young Keira Knightly from the 'Pirates' films and a young Laurence Fox from 'Lewis'. They are all just brilliant. The film has a great atmosphere and you don't really pick up on the clues as to what has gone on until the 'culprit' has been revealed. Will say no more as i don't want to spoil the film. Just watch it. It will leave you with a 'oh my god' feeling when the end credits roll.
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