Antichrist (2009)
Graphic and Disturbing, but a compelling watch non the less
22 August 2010
I watched this film last night. I am still thinking about it this morning and thought about it most of the night. I am not sure what stuck in my mind the most though. Whether it was the graphic scenes or whether it was the message the film was putting across or both. If you're anything like me you may get lost a little in the middle of the film too as i struggled to understand what some of the things the characters were doing and going through had to do with the event the whole story is based on. But then it came together in the end. Wonderfully acted by the two characters that carry the whole film. But believe me when i say from the outset it is graphic in portraying sexual relations between the couple, some may say borderline pornography and the violent scenes are sure to make you wince, especially you men! Its a very disturbing film, dark and depressing throughout but the main theme of the film is coping with grief, or at least it starts out that way so if you only like things that are light heart and upbeat, this definitely is not for you. I know a lot on here think this film is simply the best and it doesn't get better, but because i feel it lost the theme somewhere in the middle and its only right at the very end in the final scenes it goes back to what the whole story was about initially i gave it a 6.
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