This Film Has No Legs
8 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Awful, dire, sick, disturbing, poorly acted are the main words i could use to describe this film. The only thing 'interesting' is waiting to see the human centipede and seeing how it ends. All the bits in between are neither here nor there. The girls acting is just shocking, so shocking they could easily star in a porno. The police at the end are just as bad. The scientist is the only one whose acting is believable, either that or he really is a nutty scientist. How on earth he manages to get the 'centipede' to last more than a day or two as he does in the film is beyond me as its completely medically impossible to keep people alive sewn together like that. Even i know that and am no medical student. There is nothing good about this film at all and if you want to see what the 'centipede' looks like and your going to watch this for the curiosity factor, just fast forward to that chapter, honest!
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