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Octopussy (1983)
A fun entry to the series
3 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
After the serious and down-to-earth approach in For Your Eyes Only and with the rivaling non-Eon produced Bond film Never Say Never Again being released, the producers this time round decide to inject some of the comic elements of past Roger Moore outings. The result was Octopussy, a film that works on many fronts. The main thing that makes the film work is striking that middle-ground between the For Your Eyes Only approach of realistic villains and a plausible plot and the comical jokes and over-the-top elements of previous films.

It is clear that by his 6th outing, Moore's age has caught up with him but this doesn't stop him (this time, anyway) from playing Bond as well as he had ever played him. Moore keeps Bond somewhat serious again, and it pays off. There is definitely more humour in Octopussy than in For Your Eyes Only, but it is placed in more appropriate spots and is kept within the framework of a serious Bond film. The villains this time round are Steven Berkoff as General Orlov and Louis Jourdan as Kamal Khan and both villains could feasibly exist in the world, unlike a Jaws character. Maud Adams returns to the series and doesn't disappoint as the title character.

Another thing that this film succeeds in are locations. India featuring as the prime location for much of this film works very much to it's advantage. Furthermore, the other major location used is West Germany - it's a nice fitting location for a storyline heavily involved with the cold war, moreso than the other films in the series. The film also features one of Barry's greatest Bond scores and the song, All Time High is a solid yet unfortunately underrated Bond song.

However, some of the things that this film has gone down in Bond history are pretty much for the wrong reasons. Firstly and perhaps most infamously also, we have Bond dressing up in a clown suit. Secondly, the Tarzan yell during the jungle chase is better off left unsaid.
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