That Distinctive Plain White One
29 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Season Six of "Cheers" was all about re-booting the series, and at worst the show could be accused of going through an identity crisis. Nowhere is that more evident than this schizophrenically-titled episode, comprised of two very thin story strands that never quite gel. But it's a tribute to the show's writers and performers that it's still a fun episode with plenty of genuine laughs.

Woody insists that he made a guest appearance on a TV show while Cliff insults Norm's career as a house-painter. If you're looking for your requisite over-the-top Season Six sight gag you don't have to look far: we get not one but TWO chimpanzee appearances, the second monkey entering the bar dressed as a mailman. Who among us hasn't hired a orangutan in order to give our friends a giggle?

Woody's "I-told-you-so" celebrity encounter and the guest appearance by Robert Urich are handled with as much grace as they can be, but it's the book club C-story that offers the episode's best jokes.

"Will you excuse me- I have a cigarette going"

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