SuckSeed (2011)
My Guilty Pleasure
21 November 2011
Its been quite sometime since I last saw Thai movie cause more than half the time it end up very much disappointing. The good thing was not this time, this time I felt great. The movie left me with this really good heartwarming friendship bonding kind of feeling and by the end the movie it managed to make me laugh, weep, and enjoying myself through and through.

Synopsis: Like most teenage boys Ped and Koong, the two best friends decide to form a band. The problem was they suck. So they decide to recruit Ex - a drummer and Earn a guitarist. Things when haywire when Koong started to fell for Earn who was Ped secret childhood crush.

I must say there is nothing new in this movie. It is the story that has been told like a thousand times but something was different this time. There is a good balance in the substance and it has been executed pretty good. The story might be a little childish when compare to Western culture but it is more or less accurate to the Asian culture. I love the fact that they managed to entertain me for over two hours without forcing sex into the movie like most teen movie do. This one is about friendship.

I love the casting, it is one of the best thing that GTH production can do and most of the time they always able to nail in this department. All the four characters are likable; the best part was they all have enough screen time for us to feel for them. I must say the group work out a whole lot better than I expected. Plus Earn is so freaking cute.

Their acting might be dub as unacceptable if compare to Hollywood but I somehow don't really get distracted by it. I even love some of the expression and some of the scene they acted even it seem by force.

When it comes to the technical stuff, Thai movie is nothing to really speak of – it is very ordinary. But since it is Chayanop first feature films I say do is doing just fine.

Another thing that can't be left out is the music accompanying this movie. It is a great combination of Thai rock music. Each song define how each characters feeling which sadly for those who doesn't understand Thai might not enjoy it as much as one should be.

Overall I love this movie and will definitely be adding this to my DVD collection.

Recommendation: I highly recommend this movie to anyone that below 35. You will love it if you're a teenager.

Rating: 7.5/10 (Grade: B)
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