Sanctum (2011)
B Movie To Pass The Time
1 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I don't know if it is really meant to fall in the B movie category, the 3d and imax suggests its not but to me it was. It felt like a straight to DVD type film thats shown on Sky midday, midweek. Saying that the film isn't awful. I enjoyed it considerably, kept me gripped and interested. Yes it was long and drawn out, seemed to go on forever really and they managed to go from a considerable amount of people to just one is a short space of time really. Not massively gory and no way does it fall into the horror category, seems very much like The Descent without the scary monsters. In fact due to their own safety or lack of it, they don't need the monsters to pick them off one by one they manage that all by themselves. The acting at times is just so wooden i honestly think i could have done better. So in other words its entertaining just don't expect too much..
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