Oh lalala - Glorious
12 April 2012
You have all seen the works of QT right? So you know what to expect. With that I mean the fore mentioned endless dialogue at tables.. Impressive camera work and quirky subtitles and credits. Even if you didn't know this film was his before picking it up from the shelves in Blockbuster, you would after the first scene. The film - Its a good film. Four words that's really all that's needed here. Why? Outstanding performances from Christoph Waltz and Brad Pitt to start. Christoph Waltz is captivating and believable. I am not sure what Eli Roth is doing here but i don't rate him anyway as either an actor or director/producer i.e the whole Hostel thing. But he seems to have his head firmly fixed in a part of QT's anatomy. He also seems to have a habit of hammy over acting - maybe its a testosterone thing for him. Its a long film and in true QT's style it takes its time but its by no means boring. Keep your eye out for Mike Myers - he is splendid if nothing else it keeps you going - after all you want to know if tonight is the night to end the war..
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