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SuckSeed (2011)
Another Good Thai Movie to Watch
16 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This movie made me laugh so hard I had stomach cramps after.

Suckseed is a Thai Romantic Comedy film centered on friendship. It's a story of three high school boys who wants to make it big as a rock band even though they obviously don't have talent in music. This is the second Thai movie I watched and I love the simple yet endearing stories of their films.

I have mix opinions with this film. I liked it but it isn't enough for me to love it. The story is okay and the funny scenes are remarkable. I only have problems with the characters. I'm not really a fan of selfish, self-centered, bashy people.

Okay pessimism aside, there are still things I liked with this film.

First is the soundtrack. I love the songs! Music is the strength of this movie. I also loved the way they incorporated the original artists who sang the soundtracks in the film. It's as if you're just watching a music video. The songs reminded me of our local rock bands. It's a bit the same and I'll never get tired of listening to them.

Second is the setting. Their school reminded me of my high school Alma matter. Almost similar without the shorts for boys (I mean they wear pants). I went to a public high school in Pangasinan and the time I spent there was the craziest and most memorable years I had.

Third is Ex—the drummer. I don't like him because he's cute or anything. I like him because he squeals like a girl! Hahaha. He has a very manly introduction in the movie—then boom! He screamed! That was amusing.

I recommend this movie to all rock music fans out there. If you're looking for a good laugh, I guarantee SuckSeed is a good choice.
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