Still A Tragedy 100 Years On
19 April 2012
I have watched just about everything on this ship this week being the 100 year anniversary of the sinking. My heart always goes out to those who died, how it must have felt knowing you were going to perish, knowing you would never see your loved ones again. Makes me so sad to think what they went through. I feel even sadder that people insist on going to the wreck to look though it like ghouls. But anyway I digress.. I am not going to start by comparing this film to the fictional love story built on a back drop of a tragedy made by James Cameron in 1997. There is no point as they are two completely different films with 2 completely different agenda's and i feel those who have on here have missed the point to both these films. This film is meant to be the most true to history account of what happened on that night - obviously apart one or two technical things we weren't aware of when the film was made - i.e the ship splitting. Titanic 1997 was a fictional love story built around the backdrop of the sinking of Titanic and as such should be viewed as fiction. This film is beautiful. The performances are beautiful and believable able and you grow to love the characters and really root for them to make it - unfortunately some don't, its almost as disappointing on screen as it probably was in real life. More attention is paid to the crew and what when on behind the scenes rather than what the passengers got up in the first part of the film and I like that, although it does make you wonder why they insisted on sailing at such speed with the numerous ice reports and the freezing temperatures. A fitting tribute to watch on the 100th anniversary of the ship sinking and i recommend it to anyone after all it is a night to remember.
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