Review of Ted

Ted (2012)
Pathetic and Not Worth Wasting Your Time
2 July 2012
Seeing over 100 movies in the theaters each year, I speak with some knowledge of the quality of the films offered. There are excellent films like the Hurt Locker, Midnight in Paris, and A Separation. There are some very good films like the first Hangover, Bridesmaids, X-Men First Class, the Fighter, Warrior, and the first Iron Man movie. There are even many good films rated from 5 to 7 on the IMDb scale. But there are also many tankers, like Jack and Jill or the current film I am reviewing, TED.

I went to see it Friday afternoon because I thought I would like it. It's hard to gross me out and I really like Mark Wahlberg. When the gross out and the use of the f-word are totally gratuitous and not funny, and the story stinks, there is absolutely nothing to recommend.

I see the movie did well at the box office. I hope word of mouth will keep you from wasting your time. The movie is a total looser and you who read this review have been for-warned.
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