The Hunter (IV) (2011)
25 July 2012
As mentioned , this film is centered around a mercenary in search of a Tasmanian tiger which has a physiological toxin that is valued by a pharmaceutical multinational corporation, Red Leaf (Good vs. Evil) Pretty basic premise, but yet the story is well told in a subtle manner. Sam Neill and Frances O'Connor as locals in the Australian mountains and terrain. The cinematography is moving, beautiful and harsh at the same time.

Willem Dafoe is very good as the mercenary, he stays with O'Connor and her two children, she has previously lost her husband under mysterious circumstances.

As mentioned, this is not an action, or heavy dialog film. Yet it still has cadence and draws in the viewer. The footage of the Tasmanian tiger is intriguing.

Think Hemingway type story, "The Snows of Kilimanjaro". There are some very good moments in the film, and Dafoe gives a believable performance. The conclusion is interesting also, there is a bitter sadness to it. Recommended. 9/10.
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