Perfect antidote for voter fatigue and disillusion:
14 August 2012
This is one of the few political satire/comedies I feel are worthy of recommendation. The characters are shallow, believable, and an amusing depiction of what probably does go on in D.C. in subtler forms. Maybe not so subtle, considering this is an election year.

It starts out with Clooney as a Department of Treasury lackey, his marriage is failing and he utilizes online dating for a distraction. Frances McDormand is excellent as usual, as Linda Litsky, a shallow health club employee who wants plastic surgery to better her dating prospects. She and Chad (Brad Pitt) come across a CD which seems to have national security information, so she and Chad decide to try and sell this to the Russian Embassy.

John Malkovich is the CIA operative who loses his job, loses his wife (Tilda Swinton) and subsequently has a breakdown. His scene when trying to get into his Georgetown brownstone after his ex-wife locks him out is classic.

Coen Brothers farce here covers it all. J.K. Simmons has a cameo as the head of the CIA, and his deadpan portrayal of indifference and cynicism is dead on.

Worth watching a few times, highly recommended. Clever and sardonic, an accurate portrayal of deception, politics and narcissism, which American audiences in particular may appreciate. Well done. 10/10.
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