Bonus DVD Feature Developed For A Melodrama Of A Generally Plausible Romance.
3 November 2012
This 16.5 minute short film, subtitled as "The Making Of Last Chance Harvey", is a "special feature" upon an Anchor Bay DVD release of the effectively wrought film starring Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson. When considered as merely a puff piece, it is well suited for that purpose, although the minds of those who have viewed the full-length production will probably not be altered by its penetrating content. Interviewed here are director Joel Hopkins, lead players Hoffman and Thompson, along with, from the second-team cast, Kathy Baker, James Brolin, and Dame Eileen Atkins. Sophomore director Hopkins discusses the manner in which his cinematic style was shaped during the course of the filming process, and additionally how he and the two cast principals agreed to improvise virtually all of their lines while yet following his script's outline, a process with which he was very willing to follow. Thompson and Hoffman make clear that this romantic tale relates of events occurring in an affair between "older" people, and that this category of film need not be restricted to the antics of youths, as occurs within many movies. This becomes a developing focus for the HARVEY narrative. An "older' audience might find these statements to be gratifying, as voiced by such accomplished performers. As summation, this is a highly agreeable segment of the DVD package.
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