Blue, sad Valentine...
12 March 2013
Well done, and nuanced the story is. Ryan Gosling and Miceelle Williams portray a disaffected couple. They have a six year old daughter named Frankie, the one thing initially that seems to keep them together.

Gosling portrays a man who , works as a mover, their neighborhood looks something like Staten Island (not upscale, not the worst) Their family of origin is rather absent, disinterested.

Williams always gives a good performance and does not disappoint.

She recites the names of US Presidents, proving she has good memory, she wants to attend medical school she says (This is before marriage and child puts an end to her aspirations).

The undercurrent is really, a ballad for a lost America. Indeed the scenes evoke a sort of blue, pallid environment. The world they live in is not promising. Gosling's wardrobe is notably lackluster and tattered, at the end of the film he is wearing an America eagle, a sign of faded glory.

The film makes you sad, not merely for the marriage that eventually dissipates, but also because it portrays a common story, young couple, just trying to endure daily life, and it becomes impossible.

Good performances in a rather sporadic, but interesting message film. Recommended.
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