Review of Kings

Kings (2009)
Interesting Failure
16 August 2013
An interesting idea, with some decent writing, but ultimately a failure in execution. There is a vague attempt to make some of the characters 3-dimensional, but in the end it fails. Ian McShane, though a decent actor, is just too creepy and repulsive to generate any sympathy. The two romantic leads redefine dull, boring, lifeless, and without personality as characters AND actors. And of course, in deference to network policy, the only gay character is a villain in the end, unlike the original story which implies David and 'Jack' (Jonathan) were lovers and that 'Jack' gave up his life for David. And what is Culkin still doing in the business? I mean the guy is totally unable to act. Still it was an interesting idea, if a failure, and they should have ended it properly.
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