Climax! (1954–1958)
Yes, a great TV show, but...
20 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
OK, I totally agree when the other users say that CLIMAX was a great TV show. And so rare too. I don't think that any one would be able to get all the 166 episodes !!!

I have already watched some of them. Some are actually amazing, such this one starring Vincent Price, as a very bad husband and father - NIGHT HUNT or NIGHT KILL, something like that...A great episode with a twist ending in the Alfred Hitchcock Presents manner. That's exactly what I love in this kind of TV series. But what I quite don't understand about CLIMAX is WHY making episodes that are the perfect copycats of great classics such as HUCKLEBERRY FINN or DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE...


What's the use to show the audiences the exact story of films every one has already seen?

CLIMAX was not the only show to do this. I watched some others which did the same thing. LAURA, KISS OF DEATH, and many more classics made again for TV shows...

I hate that.

I only look for short stories in the AH Presents manner.

Nothing else.
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