Sex and the City: I Love a Charade (2002)
Season 5, Episode 8
A Great Way To End The Fifth Season
6 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
On a night out at a Manhattan club, Carrie is amazed to learn that her old friend Bobby Fine, a flamboyant singer, is finally getting married — and that his intended is a woman. While the initial shock never quite wears off, it does give Carrie and her friends the chance to visit the Hamptons. Once there, Samantha takes over Richard's mansion and throws a party; Charlotte's new boyfriend makes his society debut; and Carrie runs into writer Jack Berger.All happens in I Love a Charade.

This is a great way to end a truncated fifth season.In it,we see how the four women - Carrie,Charlotte,Samantha and Miranda - have transformed with their characters.First,we get to see Charlotte go out officially with her new boyfriend,Harry in public.We witness how she changed from looking at a men based on looks and sex appeal to looking more on their great personality.Also,we get to see Carrie move on with Aidan and big by going out with Jack Berger and hoping for a new relationship.Also,we get to see Miranda having fully adjusted into becoming a single mother which she has had difficulty with for the past few episodes and how much she loves Steve.And of course,we get to see Samantha humiliate the b*tches at Richard's party as a closure to their relationship.One of the best episodes ever.
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