Review of Kyle XY

Kyle XY (2006–2009)
25 October 2013
It's amazing that anyone these days could get away with producing anything so totally racist and sexist. I mean the cast is totally white, Anglo-Saxon. And the women, except maybe the mother, are all really nasty bitches. Add to that a leading man who is a failed gay porn actor. I mean he would have to be having been a model and one of the worst actors ever to be featured in a show. In fact the only real romance is the one between him and Declan, which you can either blame on the writers or the fact that the 2 'actors' were having a thing together. The writing is some of the worst ever, and that is saying a lot. The directing is lame and unimaginative, but then what could you expect from Peter DeLuise, among others. In fact the mother is so like Amanda Tapping you'd think she was the clone. The father is Mr. White Bread with no personality and the 'brother' is an ugly little dweeb. Nick Lea is playing the same character he did in X-Files, except he's supposed to be a good guy this time. But the fact that there are no blacks, Hispanics, Asians or anyone of color has to be the most offensive part of it. All in all, a total waste of anyone's time and to be avoided at all costs.
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