Review of Pilot

Breaking Bad: Pilot (2008)
Season 1, Episode 1
Pilot (#1.1)
24 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Wow, didn't expect such a remarkable pilot. The first episode is usually alright, but this one was absolutely excellent.

It makes the viewer hooked from the very first scene, by presenting an extraordinary situation which makes one go "wtf...what am I watching here?".

And after awaking the viewers interest it starts introduction to the main idea of the story and the characters. We see Walter White, a chemistry teacher whose family is struggling with money, being diagnosed with terminal cancer. Through a relative who is a cop he finds out that meth labs bring a lot of cash and partners up with his ex student, Jesse Pinkman, who already knows the world of drug dealing to make the best meth in the neighbourhood.

The characters all promise us a very interesting show to come, and the acting is absolutely high level. I love how in such a short time we get introduced to the main cast and already get an idea about who they are as well as start really liking and caring for Walt and Jesse.

We also get some comic relief, such as the first scene of us seeing Jesse, the hand job, Walt in his tiny whities and of course the "cow house".

It is amazing how much has already happened after only seeing one episode. Looking forward to watch this amazing show and to find out what happens to Walter White and Jesse Pinkman!
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