wow...worth watching for Douglas
27 December 2013
Michael Douglas deserves credit for his part in this rather bizarre supposed documentary. Other than passing factoids and news blurbs, I am not familiar with Liberace, other than the obvious media stories and a few appearances he had on Johnny Carson back in the day.

Liberace's sometime friend, Scott Thorson, while in real life is apparently a sordid character (We ARE in Hollywood, no one gets a free lunch). Anyway while Damon can be annoying in 'wholesome' type characters, he does okay here. Although I believe that for real facts one may want to research more.

At any rate the lifestyle of Liberace is explored, the sumptuous, over the top decor, the dogs, the hangers on, the users, the creepy plastic surgeon (well played by a nearly unrecognizable Rob Lowe).

Michael Douglas and his visual effects are quite stunning: the make up here is on the mark. It is something you may find yourself re-watching in disbelief. His effeminate characteristics are also similar to Liberace, the relationship with his mother, and how he actually was relieved once she passed away.

Douglas really does seem to be the bilious, blatant and attention seeking persona of Liberace, quite a contrast in performance to Wall street raider Gordon Gecko. Here Douglas transforms into a caricature, believable, humorous, or creepy at times.

The pastiche here probably doesn't follow reality, and clearly Liberace had many unsavory experiences, and so the tales we hear now may not all be true. The film makes Thorson a sympathetic jilted boy toy, but perhaps the real story is quite different. He certainly overcame the relationship quick enough to sue the Estate of Liberace for six figures.

Audiences not interested in this subject matte may be surprised, and Douglas' performance alone is well worth watching. 8/10.
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