Donna Leon: Feine Freunde (2003)
Season 3, Episode 2
Sooo very Venetian
2 February 2014
I have lived in Venice, San Marco and visit my friends regularly. I enjoy Donna Leon immensely and I have read all her books. She has been living in Venice over 25 years, speaks fluent Italian, but she requested her books not to be translated into Italian. Whenever I am lucky enough to catch the Brunetti episodes on the German television I get over the German (speaking it fluently, like Italian and being Dutch). I think the protagonists are very well chosen and could easily be Venetians. I do think a lot of joy goes into the filming and one sees it. The scenery of course is breathtaking but then I am prejudiced. You may or may not like the plots, that's up to you; but the walks, the Vaporetto journeys or the cruising on the police launch through Venice are absolutely wonderful. One feels him-/herself really physically in Venice.
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