O Azarento (1973)
Curious flick about an unlucky guy
11 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Wacky things happening, bad luck waves around the whole city, people being suddenly injured... And everything caused by just one single person: The "Unlucky Guy" (O Azarento, in Brazilian Portuguese) is the bad influence with a reasonable story. Challenging who don't believe in bad luck, his presence is enough to drive everybody crazy and leave things upside down everywhere he passes. This movie is just a light Brazilian old comedy, with a small cast, low box office and low budget. But despite of every "low", in it, of course it has some "hi" on a well-told story, with simple characters, plot and soundtrack. I liked the most of film length and it made me giggle sometimes, but the story was good enough to glue me on the sofa. Of course it gets the recipe of a plenty Worldwide known comedies but this one, particularly, worth the watch. 9 out 10.
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