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31 March 2014
The Chris Gethard Show has earned a following of die-hard fans from all over the world. I'm just one of those many fans. I had heard about Chris's public access show in Weird New Jersey magazine. He seemed like a cool dude. I started watching the show last July and immediately fell in love. I think the first episode I watched was one where Chris invited a man of experience onto the show to answer questions about life and what young folks can expect from it. It was such a real and genuine show. I had to watch the rest of them.

I went back to the very first show that was filmed at MNN and watched that. That first episode began with a promise to its audience which makes the show so endearing to me. That was that the show will be outrageously funny or that it will fail so hard that the failure will be funny. They haven't broken that promise in any episode. The stunts and jokes they fail at are made up for with heart. Chris and friends aren't afraid to laugh at themselves and can see humor in every situation. I continued to watch all the episodes thereafter and haven't missed a single one. There's always at least one moment in an episode where I laugh so hard for a solid 20 seconds.

It's not just me that has similar feelings about the show. Many young adults feel that the show has helped them through some tough times. Chris isn't afraid of delving into and discussing his own mental health for his viewers. In that way, he makes it so his viewers aren't as afraid of their own mental health and can perhaps find some trace of humor in their situation.

There aren't many shows on TV nowadays where the host and cast have as much heart invested in their show as The Chris Gethard Show. That's enough for me to keep watching.
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