"He's a candy ass."
28 June 2014
Sequel to Black Caesar, written and directed by Larry Cohen, has the Harlem gangster (Fred Williamson) taking on the mafia, the cops, and a traitor within his own organization. It's an enjoyable enough blaxploitation flick but not as good as Black Caesar. There's a lot of action and some of it is pretty chuckleworthy. The scene where the black gangsters attack the mob and make two of their bosses eat soul food is particularly amusing.

It was obviously a rushed production. If you're looking for tight continuity, look elsewhere. They change the ending to the last film entirely, as well as other plot elements. Still, Williamson is good. Sexy Gloria Hendry returns and there's some new eye candy from Margaret Avery. It's missing a great soundtrack like the best blaxploitation films had. Edwin Starr's songs aren't that hot. Apparently James Brown's music was rejected by Cohen. The same music that would go on to be the great Brown record "The Payback." Bad move, Larry.
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