The Words (2012)
A well acted, professionally made but phoney movie
1 August 2014
All the technical boxes seem to be ticked in cinematography and acting making a slick visual product. The music was desperately trying to trill the heart strings, over egging the pudding somewhat since the most moving points in the story were so far removed under layers of who was actually, really, narrating it that they had no impact, though the poor actors acted their hearts out.

What fails, I think, was the overall conception and idea and, therefore, the script. There are a couple of good lines worth thinking about, but for the most part it's hot air. We, the viewers, are set up to expect something literary, something truly arty and intellectual, something where the medium is not the message, but the *message* is the message. Instead we are sold short: there is no message and the medium is just the medium - phoney smoke and mirrors just waiting for Toto to pull back the curtain.
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