The Babadook (2014)
An awesome allegory - a movie about depression
15 November 2014
This is a horror movie true, and it comes with a good amount of scary music and shrieks and starts, but the heart of the movie lies in what the little boy, Samuel, says in the beginning while showing his magic trick: 'nothing is as it seems'.

And from then on, the story follows Amelia, the mother (played wonderfully by Essie Davis, whose unsettling, haunted eyes carry entire scenes) as she descends into severe depression, seemingly plagued by the Babadook, a monster that enters the house.

You never see the monster clearly: what we see is its effects as it possesses Amelia, her shift from good to evil and back again, her hallucinations. It's a well-wrought film with a brilliant ending, one of the best renderings of depression I have ever seen - parts of the movie get pretty close to what it probably feels like, 'horror' or no.
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