The unfinished Story of TBOFA
18 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
* This Review contains a few spoilers*

The Battle of Five Armies... The last part of a poor trilogy, it made me exited and gave me hope, because maybe it could be like the Return of The king... but no.

This movie was an embarrassment for Peter Jackson, the man who just got himself a star on the street of Hollywood. This man turns out to be just like all the other Hollywood directors, a money wolf. This trilogy was made for nothing more than money, why 3 parts, why?! And half of the book isn't even concluded in the movies.

A 260 page book spread in 9 hours in movie could be something awesome, but it didn't. it became horrible. Something that annoyed me : Added characters, no character development, no emotional moments, to many ''you got to be kidding me'' moments, no Dwarfs, Elve or men die in the battle. Where is there brutality of the LOTR? Where in the most epic battles of movie history everything took place : grief, death, epicness, sadness, moments of smiling while having a hard time trying not to let go of some tears, and above all, the fact that you don't know how many of the good people will survive. Well in TBOFA nobody died, expect orcs (CGI monsters).

And than some other things that made no sense, and are left out. What happens with the Arkenstone, who becomes king under the mountain, where does Tauriel go, what happens to the dwarve, what happens to the lake people, and what about the gems of the Elves?! Isn't that what this movie was all about?? How hard was it to include 15 minutes more and tell this. And why did Peter Jackson change the story about the death of Fili and Kili? Where was the love of brother ship? that's what I liked about the book, it was about love for your brothers, not about the love of a stupid made up elve girl. Oh and above all, Middle- Earth looked life an awful ugly world, while it's supposed to be an amazing wonderful world. Peter Jackson messed up big time

I think this is enough for you guys to get why this movie was horrible compared to what it could've became, a story rank worthy to the LOTR movies.

2/10, 1 star because it was Middle-Earth, and 1 star because Bilbo played an amazing role (oh yeah speaking of Bilbo, he looked like a side character, isn't he the main character?)
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