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Paddington (2014)
This is lovely!
25 December 2014
Just returned from a Christmas Eve viewing of Paddington.... what really good solid family entertainment! An excellent movie.

Paddington is animated in remarkable and stunning detail and really looks as alive and vibrant as any Paddington fan would want him to be.

The first 30 minutes of this are quite superb - tear jerking actually if you love the original books. There is real craft to the film in the way it looks and the amazing features - including the cut away house which is imaginative and draws in the viewer. There is something here for everyone.

There is a flaw - the Nicole Kidman femme fatale story-line. Paddington doesn't need such an unpleasant device or plot line. Paddington is so much larger than life and so much a clumsy and unlikely hero in the books that any film could easily be carried by the character of the bear and his adopted family and their gentle and warm stories. The kind of threat carried in the Nicole Kidman character is NEVER seen in any of the books, stories or other characters. Pity about that then...!

Nevertheless - this film is not reduced by the introduction of unnecessary material. It's still a genuinely good movie.

There is real involvement with the "orphan" situation of Paddington as he slowly comes to terms with a London which is unlike anything he might have been prepared for. I really like this feature which also becomes a tribute to the glories of London complete with Buckingham Palace guards and the contents of their Bearskins!

There are lots of allusions to classic movies - especially Mary Poppins, and Mr Brown (Paddington's adopted father....) is very reminiscent of Mr Banks. Indeed - Mr Brown is in many ways "saved" by his contact with Paddington and the development of this feature is quite delightful. But this movie certainly stands alone - as Paddington coming to terms with his new life and new family (and his new family coming to terms with him....) are just as powerful and just as involving as any of the other features.

This is a great movie. Really lovely - just go out and see it!!!
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