Paralllel lines
26 January 2015
This film is a lovely, playful and thoughtful romp through the conflicting forces that make up our modern world.

Disguised as a wacky comedy sketching a chiaroscuro of moral, economic and educational themes, the film begins in a charming idyllic intellectual landscape where people delight in epistemological, ethical and ontological questions. To hear unabashed philosophical dialogue and playful joking about classical ideas in such a popular medium as mainstream film is a rare delight, especially done as it is as an affectionate spoof of the sequestered world of academia.

Having set the piece in this intellectual arena, to then pull the philosopher out of his element into a world of childhood fears, sensual promise and madcap amorality creates the tension necessary for drama to occur. And there is drama indeed, with sweetness, bitterness, tenderness and violence all stewed together to boil down to some fairly basic and perennial questions about human nature.
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