Lost in Space (1965–1968)
The Beverly Hillbillies in Outer Space
18 May 2015
Yes I did watch this as a youngster, but quickly lost interest after the first year. I mean most science fiction of the period was pretty idiotic, but this one stretched it so far beyond the unintelligible...I mean it had them crossing 'galaxies' while never even achieving anything beyond the speed of light. And all the actors were white, of course (Allen didn't cross the racial lines until 'Giants'). While I like Guy Williams and June Lockhart, and even Billy Mumy. Dr. Smith just became extremely annoying after a time, as well as a stereotypical 'queen' (and I hadn't even realized I was gay at the time). Anyway the characters were all just cardboard cutouts. After a while it wasn't even dumb mindless fun. Just the same recycled plots over and over again. Anyway, re-watching this in my dotage hasn't improved anything. But then network TV hasn't gotten much better over the years. I mean the shows produced on the CW network are just as dumb as this ever was. In fact I wouldn't be surprised it they did an updated version. In the end, all I can is thank goodness for Star Trek.
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