Pretty Good Film, but has errors
1 June 2015
"Johnny Mnemonic" has its moments. It is actually pretty good. It received terrible reviews, mainly for moving too far away from original story, and film critics just hated it. Its funny at times, with comments like calling Johnny "Just Johnny" (by character "spider" played by Henry Rollins)after Johnny (Keanu Reeves)says his name is just Johnny. The data-carrying story is near OK, and the action pace is great. The film does have errors though - some pretty big ones. The writing is not very good. The year is supposed to be 2021, yet J-bone (Ice-T) tells his viewers to get all their "VCRs" ready.. VCRS? Really? In the year 2021? Nope. Also When Johnny is telling the Pharmakon underground that when the Data is transferred into head he tells them "you will fax a copy to Newark" FAX? There are no Faxes in the year 2021. The writers were using 1990s terminally. Otherwise, the film is okay, especially the action and special effects. The Japanese version is longer with more footage of actor Takeshi Kitano (character of Takahashi)as he is very popular in Japan. The Killer, (character Shinji) of the Yakusa Japanese mafia does a great job with his skills (or lack of "english" skills)....
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