Review of Die Insassen

Die Insassen (2015 TV Movie)
excellent and very funny and moving movie
16 October 2015
Wolfgang Stumph has proved many times to be an actor with a great sense of humour. In this movie he plays a top manager who is admitted to a mental hospital after a nervous breakdown. From the beginning he meddles with the management. During one of the therapeutic sessions he meets Keith Winter a wonder boy in business land also a patient. After that he more or less takes over the management of the super luxurious clinic with a few other "patients". But on the day of the going public of the clinic he realizes the importance of his marriage and leaves the business to his two patient friends. Here again he shows his enormous talent. Compliments also to the rest of the wonderful cast and the director Franziska M eyer Price. This is a movie I hope to see many times and not only on an off-day. Reminded me a bit of the book Being there by Jerzy Kosinsky, although I have never seen the movie.
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