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Burnt (I) (2015)
A Great Supporting Cast
7 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
We meet Adam after he has emerged from his own self imposed punishment for all the damage he did to his friends in Paris when he was a drugs/ booze/ sex addict. His goal is to open a restaurant and get 3 Michelin stars but everybody in the cooking world hates him. Even in London he can't walk down the street without somebody chasing him.

Surprisingly enough, he is able to round up some talented friends in a way that is reminiscent of Jake and Elwood.

He knows that to meet his goal, he has to stay away from things he is addicted to so he insists on hiring Sienna Miller (who would be perfect for him except for his commitment to celibacy).

A stellar supporting cast including Emma Thompson, adorable Daniel Brühl, Omar Sy, Matthew Rhys, Sarah Greene were fun, all on their own.

Bradley Coopers costumes were mainly T-shirts but he changed them so frequently that it was like he was competing with one (or all) of the Helmsworth brothers - not that I'm objecting. His French accent wasn't bad either!

Like most women, I find a man throwing a tantrum unpleasant so I don't watch those cooking shows. Even when Bradley Cooper does it, I congratulate myself on never having to deal with that again. Those are the only unpleasant parts of the film.

The big questions - can Adam Jones learn how to make it through the day without throwing a tantrum like a teenage girl getting her period? Will he realise that it doesn't matter what a review says about his work? Does Adam become a grown-up?

I liked it partly because it was NOT a typical American or British rom-com although all the ingredients were there. It was better for it.
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