It needed music? better editing?
23 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
With a great cast and a decent script - why was I not captivated by this from the start?

Thrillers in cinemas over the past few years have been so lame that I didn't expect a twist at the end. 'Sicario' was perhaps the only film this year that left me breathless (last year it was '71). If I want a thrill now, I watch 'Homeland' or some other well written TV series.

It must have been the lack of music in this film to tempt my mind towards the expectation of something exciting to happen. Possibly the editing could have been better.

Some elements of the script were strange - they went out for ice- cream? Normal guys in their 20s would have ordered pizza or sandwiches at a local deli. All 4 guys appeared to be equally thick and poorly prepared and for what they have gotten themselves into. We feel no empathy for them at all. Right from the start - high in a car with people you know nothing about but willing to throw everything in the pot - there is only disaster in their future.

Granted when the gun was fired in the end, I did get a surprise but there had been no emotional build up.

It was when I learn that 'Poodle' had been in the army I knew there was going to be a reveal 'cos the character on show, couldn't have survived 1 tour. Hell - he wouldn't have gotten a tattoo!

I don't know if a re-edit or a re-release with a bump could turn this into a minor hit. The possibilities existed
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