The Revenant (2015)
Would be great without any actors at all - just scenery
21 December 2015
The stars of the movie is the scenery and the cinematography (even though I'd never want to go to any of those sites). It was beautiful in a way 'Dr Zhivago' was but the Russian epic had other things going for it too.

The story was 'Tarantiono does Grisley Adams'. The violent opening scene is an echo of the starting scenes to 'Saving Private Ryan' - shocking violence, retelling what were once portrayed as bloodless. While this was an action movie it was no thriller. Knowing the running time and that some of the main characters had to die, was my guide but I wasn't invested in the outcome. The end came as a welcome relief and if they are editing for a shorter version - less DiCaprio would be my preference.

The bears were beautiful and almost too believable with every hair distinguishable. I confess, I was rooting for the bear! Right was certainly on her side.

Tom Hardy has had a hell of a few years from 'Loche', 'Peaky Blinders' and 'Legend'. He was easy to watch because his character clearly didn't give a '*&%$'.

D Gleeson was almost unrecognizable in 'Star Wars Ep VII' and is the new hope for gingers everywhere.

Some people think the movie will have trouble making back the budget because the handsome stars keep their clothes on but in fairness, depressing doesn't sell. Look at 'The Road'! I say - imagine it without the woeful drama and just enjoy the majesty on the big screen

For those of us who don't lead a charmed life like DiCaprio, we don't need to pay €6 -10 for another 3 hours of it. That's why Christmas is so popular - its an invitation to be happy.
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