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Trumbo (2015)
If my father was alive, I'd see this movie with him
28 December 2015
This film is about a period in modern history when ignorance triumphed and fears about 'Redz under Bedz' took hold and people were tried, convicted and sentenced to be excluded from society based on their political convictions, often by people with little understanding of politics.

The Committee investigating 'Un American Activities' was not the only organisation judging people for their political beliefs but it was the most infamous. Living in the US, it is still scary how few people know the difference between communism, socialism and circumstances leading to the development of both in the 20th Century. I'm not sure many will understand the story or the implications today.

This story is about one blacklisted screen writer and his friends. Bryan Cranston relishes the role. Diane Lane is gifted but always gets cast as the housewife. John Goodman once again is larger than life in a supporting role, only he can do justice to. Dean O'Gorman is perhaps hotter than Kirk Douglas was but without the jawline. Louis CK plays Arnel Hird, the Jimminey Cricket to Trumbo's scheming. Helen Mirren, for once, plays somebody few can like.

The story is one of injustice but injected with humour and humanity. The scriptwriters had some fun and I often found myself clapping at a joke nobody else in the room got (not for the first time). Ronald Reagan began his political career, destroying the lives of others and when people say that LooLaa was a good President I always feel tempted to begin a debate on the spot.

The obvious parallel in today's US is that ignorant people want to judge based on religious beliefs. Trump is in the running for the White House and if it was the 1950 or 1960's, he'd be ranting about Redz, not Muslims.

Unfortunately, one film is just a drop in the ocean. What is really needed is education because, everybody's vote has equal weight, even Trump supporters.
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