Review of Versailles

Versailles (2015–2018)
More than just your average costume drama
29 December 2015
This drama is about the rise of Louis xiv, the Sun King, Louis the Great, who moved the executive from Paris, the centre of the known world to Versailles, a great bog.

With his father long dead, his mother recently dead, he was alone except for his brother and those he trusted. His political marriage to a Spanish princess was not happy.

He is primarily concerned with how to rule a growing French Empire. This French court evolved into something strange - where dancing and etiquette were critical politically.

This is made in English (to ease it commercially) but by the French so it is made with taste. There are attractive actors, lavish costumes, special effects (to pretend it was shot in the Palace itself) and of course scenes of violence and sex. After all, its good to be the King.

Looking forward to Season 2 !
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