The Big Short (2015)
Nothing scarier than the truth !
3 January 2016
The story is simple - a few guys knew the housing market and banks were going to crash and each wondered how to profit from this information before the market reacted.

Christian Bale plays the mathematician who figured it out first and over time others caught wind of his research.

The financial instruments and definitions are explained outside the story with humour. Some parts of the story (like the trip to Florida) are made more shocking because of the casual nature of those involved.

In fairness - if you have money invested in the stock market, after watching this you may seriously consider digging a hole in the garden to bury your treasure or investing in something you understand and control more.

I honestly didn't recognise Brad Pitt until his final scene, he was so transformed. Rafe Spall, who seems to be everywhere all of a sudden, has a decent American accent. Marisa Tomei, who is great in everything she does, could have had a bigger part rather than all of the Steve Carell energy.

It has a great script and directing but the acting was not extraordinary, perhaps because the story is so gripping. It isn't a thriller in the way 'Margin Call' was because the badie here is the system, 'going along to get along' and a lack of consequences.

I suspect more than one person will buy seeds after seeing this film!!
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