Baretta: The Ninja (1976)
Season 3, Episode 1
Baretta and the ghost avenger
15 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
A young Asian woman is killed by the mob because of a debt she did not pay. Baretta, who is involved with an Asian girl too, investigates. But it appears that there is some strange folks around there who are heavily concerned to avenge the dead girl. Well, you have already got what the story speaks about, even the dumbest could get it. Predictable but interesting, at least I appreciate this kind of scheme where Baretta becomes the target of the Italian mob because the avenging odyssey of the Ninja, and which murders are attributed to our lead cop by the gangsters. Those same gangsters that Baretta is supposed to protect from the Ninja ghost avenger!!!. There has already been such a topic, with the episode starring Slim Pickens avenging his dead wife. I commented it. I guess the Ninja word was not widely known back in 1976 and it was rather new for the audiences. A typical story for TV series. Directed by Don - ADVENTURES OF ADJI BABA - Weiss, who also contributed much to the TV industry.
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